Resolutions That Don't Involve Going to the Gym

You ever have one of those colds where you create a nest for yourself on the couch and don’t leave for four days? The kind where you just want your mom to bring you soup?  That was me for the past four days. In that time, about 2 1/2 feet of snow accumulated on my car, so I had a blast trying to get ready to go someplace today. Anyway, I’m very glad to rejoin the human race just in time to say bye bye to 2012 and to welcome 2013.

During the last few days of the year, I like to take a few minutes to write in my journal (something I wish I did more) about proud moments I’ve had over the past year. I also write about goals or resolutions that I have for the upcoming year. A year can fly by, and in that time it’s easy to forget about the things you had hoped would happen that year. Writing it down allows you to go back and remember exactly what you wanted that year to be about. It helps you to track your progress and figure out where you should focus your energy in the upcoming year. I’d recommend it, even if you’re not normally a journal writer. Here’s what I wrote about in last year’s New Year’s post. This year my resolutions involve going with the flow. I spent so much time in 2012 trying to figure out where the next few years of my life would take me, and while planning is fun it’s also stressful. I want to accept things as they come instead of trying to predict every single life event that will happen.

I also want to take a more optimistic approach to things. I tend to lean toward the anxiety-ridden, even when worry isn’t necessary. This produces lots of sleepless nights and some teeth grinding, so I’m going to just try to take a breath and take things as they come.

I know a lot of people find resolutions to be corny, especially since they’re so easy to abandon, but I like them. I think they help you to figure out where you want the next year to take you.

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? How will you celebrate?


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