The Last Post of 2012

I always get emotional on New Year’s Eve. It’s time to wrap up a great year and start a new one. Endings and beginnings and all of that cliche stuff. I always make resolutions, just to keep myself focused on where I want to be in the year to come. I live for fresh starts and goals and the optimism that the holiday brings, so I’m a big fan of the whole idea. I was supposed to be in New York City this New Year’s Eve but then I caught some sort of plague so now I’m here at home, going out with a few close friends. I’m excited. It wasn’t the original plan, but still a good one. I’d like to extend thanks to Kate Middleton for making rewearing an outfit socially acceptable again. I know it always was okay for us mortals, but now that the princess does it, I also do it with no hesitation. This is good because I had neither the budget nor the energy to get a new dress for the holiday. I’m bringing back an old favorite from New Years Eves (and other events) gone by. It looks like this:

It’s got a little netting action on the shoulders and then some leather panels down the middle. Sorry for the awkward lighting in these pictures. And no, my mom and I weren’t Lindsay and Dina Lohan-ing out and going out together. The picture on top was at a Christmas party.

For a while I thought I was going to rush out and try to find a new dress for New Year’s, but then I decided to just keep the focus on makeup and hair. I’m going to try a bold lip for the evening, something I’ve never done before. Should be an interesting experiment. Speaking of makeup, my friend Maddy over at Beauty Banter has graciously put together a post featuring a super easy New Year’s Eve makeup look, including a bold lip. I won’t lie, I consider myself a makeup amateur. I watch tutorials and think, “How do these people KNOW this stuff?” and I scroll through Maddy’s blog and love every look she puts together. Luckily, she breaks it down into baby steps for newbies like me. If you’re looking for something sexy yet elegant for New Year’s Eve, go check her blog out. She’s got lots of other great looks too. Whether you want a smokey eye or a 60s look, she’s got you covered. Here’s a little preview of her Before and After for her New Year’s look:

It’s been a beautiful year and I truly appreciate every single e-mail, tweet, comment, and click. Stay in touch and here’s to an even better 2013.



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