Archives for January 2013

How I Will NOT Spend My Summer Vacation

Chris and I have been trying to figure out a way to go on a vacation without spending an insane amount of money. Not that we have an insane amount of money, or really even any money at all, but you get the point. Usually when someone wants to go on an affordable vacation, they’ll […]

Got a Dream? It's Time to Be Bold

When I was younger, I always had dreams of being “discovered.” For what exactly? I can’t be sure. I’m average height with a normal body, so modeling was out of the question. My singing voice wouldn’t knock anyone’s socks off, despite what I may feel when I’m in the car alone, so singing was out. […]

Ode to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

It seems like many moons ago when we were watching Ben Affleck rub suntan lotion on Jennifer Lopez’s world-famous butt on a yacht. Remember?   Yeah, that happened. Then they made “Gigli” or whatever that horrible movie was called, and then she wrote an equally horrible song called “Dear Ben.” It was a hot mess […]

Ask Lauren: Managing Long Distance Relationships

I talk a lot about long distance relationships, because I learned about them early on in my own. Chris and I started dating right as I was about to go abroad for a semester in London. Then we did a LDR again when I did an internship outside of New York City for a summer. […]

Working Out During the Winter is The Worst

Normally I enjoy exercise. I like going to my gym and spending some QT with my treadmill. But lately my gym and I are going through a rough patch, and the weather is to blame. I know I should go, but the thought of putting on my winter coat and scraping off my car to […]