Why Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton Should Be Together

Today I have to have a long, skinny camera stuck down my throat so they can FINALLY figure out why I ended up in the emergency room over the summer. Do I have an ulcer? Do I have really bad acid reflux? Is it my gall bladder? Stay tuned. While I made myself a little nervous after Googling the procedure and seeing that THIS is what the camera looks like, I’m more upset about the fact that I have to go from midnight last night to 2pm this afternoon without eating. That seems like cruel and unusual punishment, especially for those of us who like to snack every four hours.

Anyway, as you read this I’m probably knocked out drooling on myself. Cute, right? But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is that Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton need to be a couple. I know, I know. He’s married, he and Miranda are so cute blah, blah, blah. No. Nope. He and Chelsea are meant to be. They have undeniable chemistry, they both like to party, they’re sarcastic, and they’re each well established and successful.

Don’t believe me? Watch one of his appearances on her show. Hellooo, chemistry. Here, watch a more recent appearance. She says he’s her favorite guest. He tells her he loves her. Plenty of harassment and joking. Someone make it happen! You KNOW they would have the best parties and have some talented kids. I know country music fans are probably going to tell me I’m an idiot, but I stand by my position. I’m Team Chelsea all the way, and I think this is a match made in heaven. Anyone else agree? Are there any other celebrities that you think are meant to be together?

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