Ode to Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood is known for being filled with some strange people. You hear stories of backstabbing, narcissism, and superficial individuals who consider plastic surgery like nothing more than a trip to the dentist. And then you have Jennifer Lawrence. While Taylor Swift is off  dating 18-year-olds and looking obnoxious when she loses at the Golden Globes (see that here) you have Jennifer Lawrence. She is so refreshing. This was her speech when she won at The Golden Globes. Dropping movie quotes and making sarcastic jokes. Does it get any better?

You know that Jennifer Lawrence could be your crazy best friend. If you had some idea that you wanted to do and no one else wanted to do it with you, Jennifer Lawrence would be down. She would be all-in for an ice cream and movie night after a breakup. Jennifer Lawrence would never get a boyfriend and then stop returning your calls. Basically, she seems just like your best friend except she’s super famous and should probably date Bradley Cooper.

Yeah, she’s gorgeous, but she’s gorgeous in that “girl who was a senior when you were a freshman in high school and you always wanted to be her” kind of way. She’s not gorgeous in a Hollywood-ed out, stick skinny, crazy extensions, fake tan, tons of makeup, Kardashian kind of way.

I loved her in The Hunger Games and I thought she stole the show in The Silver Linings Playbook. Needless to say, I’m a big fan. I see an Oscar in her future.

Are you a fan?


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