Why Are Grown Women Obsessed with Disney?

I won’t lie, I love Disney movies as much as the next person. When I’m sick, there’s nothing better than watching Alice in Wonderland. But there’s a fine line between enjoying the creations of Walt Disney and being OBSESSED with his imaginary world. I know a few girls who are literally obsessed with Disney. For instance, an acquaintance from high school’s dream proposal involves her man popping the question at Disney World. To her, there is nothing more romantic than having Minnie and Mickey watch her get her diamond sparkler. In fact, she won’t accept a proposal unless the Magic Kingdom is somewhere in her eyeline as it’s going on.

Another girl I know also has Disney fever. In fact, she saves up her money to make a twice-annual pilgrimage to Disney World each year. I’m saving my pennies to try to get to a beach in Costa Rica to fix my pasty white skin, but her idea of a good time is eating dinner with Cinderella.

Look, to each her own, but there’s just something somewhat unnerving about grown women who live and die by the tales of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. What is the cause of this obsession? Is it a desire to get in touch with your childhood? Is the “princess” concept inviting to some women? Who knows. I can’t explain it. All I know is that it’s a little weird to me if you’re old enough to have children of your own, and yet you’re still trying to get Pluto to take a picture with you. It’s kind of like how I went to a child neurologist until I was 20 and finally one day he told me I had to go somewhere else. I was shocked and horrified. He’d known me since I was a kid. But as he explained that I was old enough to be the mother of his patients, I realized that my time was up. I needed to move on. I’m not saying you have to have a DVD (VHS?) burning party, but I’m saying that if you still have Winnie-the-Pooh sheets, I’m a little afraid of you.

Do you know someone with a Disney obsession? Do you have one yourself? Someone please explain to me the hype!


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  1. I grew up next to Disneyland, and there’s something magical about it that will make me love it forever. It’s a suspension of reality, but you’re there so it IS reality. It’s like dreams can come true and magic is real if only for a day. I can’t really explain it other than that Disney is happiness in a song/ movie/ theme park 🙂

  2. My wife and I always see certain people who are obsessed with Disney. It’s a little weird and we don’t understand it either! So I typed in on google “why are women so obsessed with Disney and we found your post. You’re not alone in your wondering!

  3. The reason why some grown adults are obsessed with Disney and everything related to it has to do with EITHER their childhood or the way they raised their children. If, from a young age, that person was constantly brought to Disney World, surrounded by the characters, listened to theme songs, and “believed” that somehow Disney is a magical place, then this could absolutely contribute to a growing obsession over the years, which could actually get out of control. I know more than a few people who will literally cry if they don’t get a “fastpass” to a certain ride, or if they don’t get to meet a certain character. The interesting thing about Disney World is that it truly can bring out the child in an adult. This can be either good or bad. It can be good if the adult is simply enjoying the experience at Disney and happy with the attractions there. It can be bad when the adults start acting like they are 10 year old children and throw a hissy fit because they don’t get on a certain ride, or they are “off schedule” with their vacation plans.

    Also, the obsession can also occur even at an adult age, with no prior experience going to Disney as a child. This is because if the parents start bringing their children to Disney on a regular basis, and see how happy their children are there, then they themselves can start being drawn into the Disney “magic” as well.

    Disney has clever marketing and just the experience of going to that place can cause certain individuals to believe they are a part of a real fantasy world. It’s an escape from reality.

    I for one, have been to Disney so many times that it’s completely boring to me now. And I never was obsessed with it, but I came from a family who is.

  4. Perhaps they think staying trapped in adolescence makes them cute and appealing to guys.

  5. I can say that i am obsessed with Disney, and i am proud of it. Being obsessed with Disney doesn’t mean i have winnie the pooh sheets, or have stuffed animales that look like disney characters. Although I know there are certain people that have those things lying around thats their way of being obsessed about it. Me, on the other half, im just facinanted by how Disney parks can make you so happy just by arriving. Let me give you an example. Whats your favorite movie? or book? what if i told you there was a place on earth were you could actually step into the world of your favorite movie, and it was exactly as what you see on screen.
    Now do you get it? Theres just something magical about that, about being a child again. At disney, you can literally scream and sing and feel good about it because you’re not gonna get dirty looks from people that don’t get you. If you start dancing and singing in the middle of the street, i can assure you people will stop and watch you do your thing and applaud you when you’re done. When you’re at Disney every movie you once saw as a kid about princesses and princes come to life. I know that they’re regular people dressed as the character, i get that im not stupid. But its for a day where you can actually enjoy the world without a care, In disney everything disappears. All your worries and political issues, etc just disappear.

    • I totally get what you mean. My obsession is Harry potter so they now have the theme park in universal studios, and for me it’s the happiest most magical place on earth! Lol

  6. leoangel says:

    Yep, they are whackadoodles. They can attempt to justify it however they choose; but sorry, you are a nut job… give me Italy, give me Ireland, a REAL something new… not a new “area”of humid, middle-of-Florida NOTHING; that now suddenly has a pirate ship, and a restaurant where underpaid people see hardly anything from that $30 hamburger they just served you….

  7. Lol@wacko disney says:

    I also agree that this fanatic response is a case of insanity. I know people who I mention Florida, lose their marbles bc that is relative to WDW. The same “folks” have Disney license plates, a full video case of movies, and literally are completely out of check. Oh, even better, I oddly enough dated a woman with a whole ROOM dedicated to princesses!! This room was her secret room with lock and key; shoes off, touch me not. For my birthday I recieved a ticket to a theme park (I like theme parks but the beach comparative was the same amount of time). My “evaluation of her obsession was a control freak obsessed with her own needs in life and thwarted her reality to my likings??? Not quite; I guess it boils down to what does your inner child look like? I don’t really know, I just assume everyone’s tastes are different….give me a beach, a bar and a lazy river without thinking or “having to read for itenary,” any day of the week.

  8. I googled, “Why are adults obsessed with Disneyland” and I saw your post. I work with a lot of people who are obsessed with Disneyland and they all have the 1000 dollar season pass that they pay monthly for. I too like to spend my money on vacations. My husband had asked me around Christmas if I wanted to go to Disneyland and i just said, “I’d rather take a mini vacation.” I too would never understand the big obsession

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