Working Out During the Winter is The Worst

Normally I enjoy exercise. I like going to my gym and spending some QT with my treadmill. But lately my gym and I are going through a rough patch, and the weather is to blame. I know I should go, but the thought of putting on my winter coat and scraping off my car to go to the gym when temps are in the single digits is unbearable. It’s so bad, I know, but I just can’t make myself do it. I used to work out before work, and the combination of waking up when it’s still dark out and having it be freezing and snowy does not make it easy to want to lace up and head to workout

But because I work from home, I think it’s important that I get moving throughout the day. I mean, obviously this is important even if you’re walking around an office, but it’s especially important when you could, hypothetically, just sit in one room of your apartment all day. To solve the problem, I’ve been getting a little creative with my workouts lately. I’ve kind of accepted the fact that some days I’m just not going to want to go to the gym. Instead, I’ve been searching YouTube for yoga and pilates workouts. Not only are these free, but they give you a ton of choices. Literally just type “yoga” into the search bar of YouTube and away you go. I also like Tone it Up, a site that has tons of nutrition information, as well as workouts.

Today I’m going to go to Target to look for the Ballet Beautiful DVDs. As I go, I’ll park in the furthest spot, and spend extra time walking around the store. Any little bit of walking helps, so I try to make my trips to the grocery store or mall count.

Plus, who doesn’t want to wander Target for a while? Ballet Beautiful is the workout that Natalie Portman used to get in shape for Black Swan. It’s a favorite of celebrities everywhere, and I’m excited to try it for myself at home. I figure if I mix up yoga, pilates, and Ballet Beautiful, then at least I’m doing exercise even if I can’t bring myself to venture out to my gym. I also try to get creative as I clean the apartment. I’ll do some squats while I’m putting away laundry, or quickly mop the floor to get my heart rate up. It’s not running on the treadmill, but it’s something.

Do you have a hard time working out when it’s freezing out? What do you do to get exercise during the winter?

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  1. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Cassey’s Pilates workouts are free and kick your ass in under 5 minutes. Plus the community is amazing.

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