Ode to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

It seems like many moons ago when we were watching Ben Affleck rub suntan lotion on Jennifer Lopez’s world-famous butt on a yacht. Remember?


Yeah, that happened. Then they made “Gigli” or whatever that horrible movie was called, and then she wrote an equally horrible song called “Dear Ben.” It was a hot mess of a time for both of them. But somehow he ended up finding Jennifer Garner, and they made the sweetest, most normal family that Hollywood has ever seen.

In an interview, Mrs. Garner-Affleck explained that when one of them is working, the other isn’t. This allows them to spend more time together, and it ensures that someone is around to care for their three children. Whenever you see a picture of Jennifer Garner, she’s dressed in normal people clothes doing stuff with her kids and her husband and her parents. She’s not going on $8,000 shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive. They seem like a completely normal family…except for that they make a ton of money and win awards and both get asked to present at the Golden Globes. Which allows for the cuteness that happened when Ben won his award and then Jen presented immediately after and was able to thank the people he forgot. So sweet. But yeah, other than that, they’re totally normal. You’d invite their kids to your kid’s birthday party at the paint-your-own pottery place.

In Hollywood, a marriage that lasts more than two years is like an age-old love story. These guys are different. They break the Hollywood rules and I love them for it. Long live Bennifer part deux.

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