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When It Comes To Relationships, Take What Kim Kardashian Says And Do the Opposite

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, I have mixed feelings. Very mixed feelings. On the one hand, the woman is (whether you’d like to admit it or not) pretty savvy when it comes to marketing. She took what was a big “whoopsy” moment and used it to launch her family into superstardom. If that had […]

A Book That Every Twenty-Something Should Read

No matter where you live after school, making friends in post-college life is no easy task. In high school and college, you have built-in friends in your classes, at your after school activities, in your dorms, etc. Suddenly, you graduate and move to a city where you may or may not know anyone. If you […]

I Never Want to Start Hating My Birthday

When you’re little, your birthday is the best thing that happens to you all year. You get a whole day filled with presents, attention, and the ability to boss people around (though, as an only child, I had many days where I bossed everyone around) and it’s pretty magical. Yet, as you age, birthdays seem […]

Celebrities: They're NOT Just Like Us

Us Weekly magazine has a feature that I enjoy called “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us!” where you can enjoy pictures of Jon Hamm grocery shopping or Kim Kardashian leaving the gym. You may even spot Sandra Bullock at Disney World with her adorable son. I love this part of the magazine, but here’s the thing: celebrities […]

The Perfect Boyfriend Gift

Shopping for guys is hard. Nearly impossible actually. Chris has more clothes than any guy I know, so that’s out. Plus, whenever I try to buy him clothes I end up dressing him like a Backstreet Boy (old crushes die hard, okay?) and it’s not good. There are some standard “guy gifts” that you can […]