Is It Weird to Have a Crush on a TV Character?

A while back, I wrote this post where I ranted about Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office. A lot of readers weighed in with their own comments; some agreed, some thought I was an idiot. Fair enough. Last night, my boyfriend and I had a lengthy discussion about Don and Betty Draper and their relationship. When we were watching the show 24, we would frequently discuss the positive attributes that Jack Bauer brought to the table. All of this talk got me thinking: is it normal to feel so attached to TV characters? I literally swoon over Don Draper, have so many mixed emotions about Walter White, and felt way too attached to the Soprano family. I won’t even touch on how attached I get to my reality show stars. When Leah divorced Corey on Teen Mom 2? I wanted to call her on the phone and scream at her!

Should I care that Jim Halpert and Pam seem to have an unhealthy relationship? Is it strange to wonder why men stopped wearing those fedoras, and then secretly wish that the polished 1960s style would become trendy once again? I don’t know. Though I don’t watch the show, the 30 Rock series finale had people all worked up. Clearly I’m not the only one who feels attached to these characters. I guess we spend so much time watching their “lives” unfold, that we can’t help but feel invested. Maybe we see part of ourselves in them, or they represent who we’d like to be. Or maybe we just find them dashing, like Mr. Draper.

Do you feel a weird bond with TV characters? And on an unrelated note, what show should Chris and I tackle after we’re caught up on Mad Men? Homeland? The Wire? So many choices.

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  1. Leah and Corey’s divorce makes me sad! I really like Jeremy and think he’s cute, but he is a bit lacking in the conversation department. “So how do you like the girls?” “I like em.” = typical.

    • ljmlevine says:

      I think Corey and Jeremy look exactly the same, which is weird! Also, I think it’s strange Leah and Jeremy a.) met on Facebook and b.) got married after roughly three months of dating. I used to think she was one of the more sensible ones but now…not so much. I really did love Leah and Corey together. I wish they had tried harder to resolve things.

    • ljmlevine says:

      Haha! Well she has three kids by age 20 anddd is married to someone who has to have subtitles under him each time he speaks.

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