Easy Recipes That Even Non-Chefs Can Cook

I always wish that I was a food blogger. I love how they create insane recipe combinations, make fattening recipes “skinny,” and take gorgeous pictures of the meals they make. I do not pretend to be a food blogger at all, but lately I’ve been trying my hand at cooking. When Chris and I first graduated, we went out to eat ALL the time. Mostly because we weren’t used to working from 9-6 and were tired at the end of the day, and also because I could cook chicken and that was about it. Then along came Pinterest. Lovely, recipe-filled Pinterest. While I do enjoy pinning the occasional picture of Ryan Gosling, or pretending that I don’t have a board dedicated to my future wedding, I also love sorting through all of the recipes that Pinterest has to offer. A few of my new favorites include this easy (and healthier) pulled pork sandwich:


It requires three ingredients: pork, onions, and a bottle of barbecue sauce. You slice onions and lay them on the bottom of the pot, put in the pork you want to use, top it with barbecue sauce, and leave it for nine hours. The end. I’d always wanted to try to make pulled pork, but it seemed really complicated, so I stayed away. Not anymore. If you have a craving for BBQ, this is the recipe you want to use. It’s also only got 218 calories per serving, which is probably significantly less than the pulled pork sandwiches you’ll find at your favorite BBQ joint.

I’m also obsessed with these “Skinny Strawberry Chocolate Chip” muffins, though I’ve taken the recipe and added my own ingredients. For myself, I include banana or peanut butter and banana, and for Chris I’ll make banana chocolate chip. They’re really easy to make and so good. I’d definitely recommend giving them a shot.


On another note, my goal this weekend is to find a protein powder that I can actually use (I can’t have anything with soy, and most powders contain soy) so once I find one, I want to start using it when I bake and make smoothies. Speaking of, do you have any protein powder recommendations for me? Any Pinterest recipes that you want to share?

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