What Beyonce Can Teach You About Critics

Let’s just get this out of the way, Beyonce is basically the queen of the world. If you saw her at the Super Bowl last night, you know that this was confirmed. However, despite the fact that Beyonce is everything, she caught a lot of heat for lip syncing the National Anthem during President Obama’s inauguration. I won’t lie, I had no idea she was lip syncing when it was happening. Normally it’s super obvious (cough cough Ashlee Simpson cough cough) but I thought B’s performance was convincing. Despite Queen B’s general fierceness over the years, people were still hating on her. You’d find criticism when you went on Twitter, turned on the TV, and visited your favorite sites. People didn’t want to let it drop. Sure, Beyonce probably should have sung live, but she’s still amazingly talented, gorgeous, and seems sweet.

Another example: Lena Dunham. She has a huge show (that I still need to watch, but we don’t get HBO so it’s not my fault), tons of awards, and a multi-million dollar book deal, yet she also has her fair share of haters. People make negative comments about her body, her show, everything. Howard Stern even called her a “little fat chick.” Ouch. There also seems to be an endless debate raging about whether or not she’s “the voice of our generation.”

If these successful and talented women can’t escape criticism, no one can, which brings me to this quote:

Dita Von Teese is completely right. No matter how fierce you are, no matter which rapper you marry, and no matter how hilarious your TV show is, there will always be people who have nasty things to say. The same goes for us mortals too. You can nail a presentation or put together an amazing fundraiser for your club, and you will always find someone who wasn’t impressed.

Sometimes I think that we have a piece of DNA that requires us to want to please everyone. Criticism or displeasure from another person can feel like the end of the world. I guess it’s only natural; when you work hard, you want your efforts to be well received. But in order to find happiness and self-confidence, it’s important to accept that not everyone is going to like you all the time. For whatever the reason, justified or not, someone will find a reason to criticize you. And that’s okay. Even though this person may not appreciate what you bring to the table, it’s irrelevant when you feel good about your own actions and have people in your life who support you. Instead of wasting your energy worrying about what everyone has to say, spend your time continuing to grow. If you feel good about your efforts and the relationships you have in your life, it doesn’t matter what any Negative Nancies want to chime in.

Do you struggle with criticism? How do you move past negative feedback?

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