Why You Should Ditch Your Kindle

As a writer, I feel like my electronics become an extension of my body. I swear sometimes I think my computer is going to become attached to me, and will need to get surgically removed. The same goes for my Kindle, except for last month when I was holding it in my arms while running to answer the phone and unceremoniously dropped it on a tile floor. I picked it up and noticed that the screen wasn’t shattered

“YES! It’s not broken!” I said out loud, as I tried to turn it on….only to find that it was a mess of black lines. Nope. Wrong. It was completely broken.

I was devastated. I really try to take care of my stuff, and was not looking to spend a few hundred dollars on another Kindle. At the time of the incident, my mom suggested I go check out the library so I could get some new books without spending a lot of cash. I literally hadn’t set foot in a library since I signed my name in my newly-learned cursive, marking it with a smiley face at the end. While I was planning on just buying a bunch of books from the bookstore, I agreed to give it a shot. As soon as we arrived, I felt like I had gotten to my happy place. I guess I had forgotten how cool libraries are. This particular one was two floors, and absolutely packed with any type of book you could want. They had an adorable children’s section with a fish tank and tons of bean bag chairs. I was hooked.

I liked the way it smelled, and how people were just getting comfortable and spending time reading. I liked that I could stock up on books without having to fork over a hundred or more dollars to bring them home. It was an all-around rewarding experience for a book nerd such as myself. If you’re like I was and it’s been a while since you’ve hit your local library, I’d recommend checking it out. Anyway, I’m not exactly glad that I broke my Kindle, but I’m happy that I finally ventured into a library again. I guess there was a reason Belle was so obsessed in Beauty and the Beast, right?

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