Am I An Adult if I Don't Appreciate Wine?

My parents threw a big party for the Superbowl. As I was getting ready to go, I realized that there would only be wine and beer available at the party, so I reverted to my go-to move from my college days: I filled two empty waterbottles with vodka and tonic. As I was doing it, I instantly felt ridiculous. I’m almost 25 years old. I was going to a classy party at my parents’ house. And I was carrying two water bottles filled with vodka like I used to do when I would head out in the blinding snow with no jacket on my way to Theta Delta Sigma (or whatever).

This got me thinking about wine. I’ve never had a taste for beer, and since I may or may not have a wheat allergy, I definitely stay away from it now. But wine is a different story. It seems like all twenty-something women love wine. All of those popular Tumblr accounts (What Should We Call Me, etc.) are always full of sentiments about the greatness of wine. Every restaurant ever advertises their wine specials. A date is made more romantic when you split a bottle of wine. My college offered a beer and wine appreciation course that filled up within minutes. To show someone your appreciation for their hospitality, you bring them a nice bottle of wine.

I just don’t get the appeal.

To me, wine is bitter and unpleasant. I like savoring my coffee, with wine I feel like someone forgot to add the sugar into the beverage. I can usually manage to drink a glass if required, but I would much rather have a vodka tonic. Actually, there is one type of wine that I enjoy. It’s called Red Cat and it basically tastes like Kool Aid. It looks like this:

Other than Red Cat, I’m not interested in wine.

Does this mean that my adult card is revoked? Will I develop a taste for it as I age? After all, I used to hate dark chocolate as a child, and now I love it. I think I want to try to develop more of an appreciation for wine. Is there somewhere I should start?

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  1. riesling or moscato!!! it’ll change your mind… they are the sweetest wines!! DO ITTTT!!

  2. This is hilarious! I honestly don’t enjoy red wine (which sucks because my boyfriend’s entire family is Italian and LOVES IT), but I do like some white wines. You should try fruity wines like White Zinfandel or Moscato (moscato is like drinking sweet fruit juice mixed with champagne- amazing!)

    But I definitely know what you mean. After college, it seems like every girl who has her stuff together likes to drink a bottle of something I’ve never heard of on the weekend and I just like my cheap, fruity wine (and vodka tonics, too!)

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