Why Working at Victoria's Secret is Different From Being Miranda Kerr

Though I wrote this post about working at Victoria’s Secret a while ago, it still remains a popular post on my blog. People are always Googling things like “Victoria’s Secret employee discount” and “What’s it like to work at Victoria’s Secret?” and finding my post.

It’s been many moons since I donned my black jacket and pants and worked at Victoria’s Secret, but I can say that I don’t miss my time there. Working retail was not for me. See, I think I made a common mistake. I wanted a summer job, so I decided to work at a store that I loved, and Victoria’s Secret was the winner. I love shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I love the clothes, the undies (once they got rid of the ones that had WAY too much fabric in the booty) and the makeup. I think the stores smell good, and I totally fall victim to the allure of the Angels, and learn every detail about their lives. Based on all of these facts, I assumed that I would be a great fit for this store. In fact, I even imagined that Miranda Kerr and I would start living similar lifestyles. Glamorous and girly, you know?

Welp, that didn’t work out as planned. Turns out working at Victoria’s Secret is just like working at any other retail job. You fold items, only to have someone come by two minutes later and throw everything everywhere, causing you to have to refold all over again. You’re on your feet for hours at a time. You’re less Miranda Kerr and more standard mall employee. It’s not easy.

The other problem was that I didn’t receive thorough training at my job, as I talked about in my last post. Now I’ve had mixed comments on this aspect of the store. Some readers have said that they, too, didn’t receive adequate training at their stores, while others have said that they were well trained. I think it just depends on your particular store, and your manager. But I’m not the type of person who can just wing it. I like to know exactly what’s going on in every situation, and the fact that I often didn’t know how to answer customers’ questions made me really nervous. I think if I had received thorough training and felt confident in my job, I would have enjoyed my experience a lot more. Also, my manager was always running around like crazy, so I would start sweating each time I knew I had to ask her a question. It was not a good environment, especially for someone who had never worked retail.

In short, the pros of my experience included:

  • The discount (though I ended up spending more than I made when I worked there…whoopsy doopsy)
  • Getting to spend all day in a store I enjoyed.

The cons:

  • Having to deal with clients when I wasn’t even sure of the answer myself. No, I don’t know what that crazy bra contraption does, okay?
  • The creepy guys who would come in and say, “My girlfriend is your size, will you try this on for me to see if it would fit her?” Oh, okay, sure. No problem. NOT
  • Being on your feet all day

In short, I think your Victoria’s Secret experience will depend on your store, and your feelings about retail in general. I was not made for that type of job, but some people love it. But if you just like the store and the Angels, just watch the fashion show and go buy some new Pink items. It’ll save you a lot of stress, as I learned.

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  1. Idk I loved selling and I didn’t mind crazy ppl yes I didn’t like cash wrap but because I wanted to sell I wanted to work the 20-25 hours I was promised I hated when they made me feel like I had to buy shit and I hated the disrespect I hate the favoritism but it was all good until our management quit on us and new bitches came to town

  2. I just came across your blog! Any chance you mind sharing how much you made an hour there? I’m interested in working at my local one but its between that and waitressing. Thanks for the help!

  3. Mackenna says:

    Love both of your VS posts. I started there in October of 2015. I received 2 hours of video training, and then it was out to the floor. ON MY FIRST DAY. It was insane. I only started working there because my best friend loved working there, and it was good to have someone to swap stories with. I was a Sales and Support Generalist (aka cash wrap slave) and I’ve hated every second of it. I’ve gotten to work with the processing team for a couple of weeks and I LOVED that because it meant no bitchy customers! I put in my two-weeks notice a few days ago, so I’m finally free. My main reasons for quitting were the insane expectations, managers who played favorites, and my favorite one: being forced to come into work with food poisoning. I called 5 hours before my shift. (Standard is 2) and was told that I had to come in because someone else had already called out. I saw on her snapchat story later that she was at a party. The other reason I’m quitting is because of PEOPLE. I’m not really a people person, and I thought that this job would make me into one. Alas, it did not. I became someone who racially profiles people (I’ve literally had managers who called security when anyone of an African-American descent walked into the store), and hates interacting with the general public. Thanks, VS!


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