Lipstick For People Who Don't Normally Wear Lipstick

I’ve never been much of a lipstick wearer. I always feel like I’m playing with my mom’s makeup or something. Plus, it always get on my teeth. However, my nonstop Mad Men marathons have inspired me to go on a lipstick kick. Basically every female character on the show wears lipstick, and I love the way it makes an outfit stand out. See Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) here:

And the former Mrs. Draper (January Jones) here:

Even subtle lipstick just adds something to the rest of your makeup. So with these ladies as my inspiration, I decided to find some lipstick that wasn’t too bright, and wouldn’t get all over my teeth. As it turns out, Revlon’s Lip Butters fit the bill perfectly. They come in a variety of shades and (with a little blotting) won’t smear all over your teeth. They have colors that are subtle but give you just enough color to enhance your look. I’m definitely a fan. Here’s the Pink Truffle shade:


And the Peach Parfait shade:


The line offers more dramatic colors (like the one I wore for New Year’s Eve) but they’re also nice for everyday wear. My only complaint is that they make your lips a bit dry, but some gloss can solve that.


Do you wear lipstick? Do you have a particular brand/shade that you love?

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  1. I only started wearing lipstick in college and I’m hooked now. I love Revlon’s lipsticks- the shades are great for a drugstore brand. And the lip butters are awesome too- they are the perfect mix of lipstick and gloss/Chapstick! You can definitely pull color off, so keep it up!

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