Happy Valentine's Day/National Singles Awareness Day

Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day. A day that’s both loved and despised. This holiday comes in second only to New Year’s Eve when it comes to holidays that are either extremely amazing or extremely disappointing. See, I’m not trying to be cynical. Personally, I love Valentine’s Day. But I know that it’s so easy to get this idea of how the day should go in your head, and then you can’t help but feel disappointed when it doesn’t pan out exactly as planned. You’re picturing a couple’s massage and he’s picturing a quiet dinner at home. Though both are great options, someone’s going to end up slightly miffed.

New Year’s Eve is much the same. You enter the evening with such high hopes because it’s a holiday and everything, but these lofty expectations make it nearly impossible for the actual day to play out as you’d imagined. Even if you go to a great party or find the perfect club, someone’s going to get too drunk, or the lines for the bathroom will be outrageous, or someone’s going to get tired and want to leave early. The night will not be perfect. And that’s okay.

After enjoying several Valentine’s Days with Chris, as well as spending many other February 14ths whining about National Single’s Awareness Day, my advice about the holiday is this: regardless of whether you’ve met the love of your life or have sworn off dating for the near future, don’t set the bar too high for this holiday. It’s one day. Just like any other  day, things will go smoothly and there will be mishaps. People can’t always read your mind, so if you have something that you’d really like to have happen, it’s best to voice that. Whether you want your best friend to meet you out for drinks, or you’re hoping that your guy will take you to the new restaurant in town, speak up! Don’t just hope someone figures out what you want and then feel sad when they don’t. If you want something, make it known. I guess that’s true of anything in life.

Also, realize that this one day doesn’t reflect your entire relationship. I think part of this reason this holiday can be such a hot mess is because it’s easy to set the stakes so high. It feels like if the entire day isn’t perfect, then your relationship is doomed. Not the case. If you have a strong relationship and show each other that you love each other every other day of the year, that’s what truly counts.

If you’re single, I know this day can fill you with dread. Perhaps you’re sitting next to someone at a cubicle who got two dozen roses delivered to them and you got a glittery card from your mom. Awesome. It’s not fun, but put the focus on the other relationships you have in your life. Friends, family, etc. And don’t forget to treat yourself. Okay, so you didn’t get a stuffed bear and an Edible Arrangement sent to you. Go buy yourself an overpriced coffee for once. It’s not all about romantic love today. It should also be about appreciating family members and friends, and treating yourself well.

How are you celebrating the day? Are you a fan or is it National Single’s Awareness Day for you?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Especially with the speaking up part- you may really want your man to surprise you with exactly the night you want, rose petals, doves and all, but if that’s what you want at least drop some hints so the he has an idea! Just simply hoping is a recipe for disappointment. Great post!

  2. Lauren,

    I loved this article, because I think a lot of people really get down on themselves and each other for having something they want but don’t have. Great points on being positive, inspired, and undaunted by the single life! Woo!

    • Hi Anthony,
      Thank you so much! It’s so easy to beat yourself up and forget to appreciate the things you do have. I’m really trying to focus more on appreciating what I do have. It just makes your whole outlook on life more positive. Thanks for reading!

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