Why The Start Of Your Day Matters

When I was little, I could never understand why my mom would insist that I make my bed before school. I was just going to sleep in it again that night, thus undoing all of my hard work. Though I may not completely understand the principle of bed-making (besides the fact that it looks nice) I’ve learned that the idea that goes into tucking the sheets in and placing the pillows neatly carries some weight. When you start your day by doing something productive, that feeling carries over throughout the whole day.

Think about it: when you keep hitting snooze and then eventually roll out of bed ten minutes before you’re supposed to be out the door, how does the rest of the day feel? Probably rushed, frantic, and unshowered. It’s not exactly the most pleasant start to a morning, and it can be hard to shake out of that funk as you move through the rest of the afternoon. When I was working in an office I was definitely prone to committing the “hit snooze until the last possible second then roll into work looking a mess” crime. And though my “office” now consists of the spare bedroom in our apartment and my work attire is yoga pants, my attitude has changed. I’ve realized that starting your day by completing one productive task can change the whole shape of your morning. It’s like a snowball effect. Once you start by getting something checked off your “to do” list, you feel inspired and energized; you have more motivation to keep powering through other tasks.

Lately I’ve been getting up before work and cleaning up the apartment a bit, answering e-mails, or taking care of other tasks. Instead of simply showering, making coffee, and signing on to my computer, I make it a point to get a couple of things done before my work day begins. Whereas before I would feel rushed, or would start to melt into a giant typing blob in my desk chair by noon, now I feel more energized. I’m more interested in venturing outside to get a coffee at lunch, or I’m ready to go to the gym that day.

I’m not saying you need to repaint your bedroom by lunchtime, but if you’ve been meaning to write back to your friend/throw out those old boxes (okay, maybe that was just me for the past two weeks)/hang up that new picture, do it. You’ll feel better and more ready to take on the rest of the day.

Do you think the way you start your morning impacts the rest of the day?


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