Do You Like Saving Money As You Shop Online? So Do I. Read On.

After six years of service, my beloved North Face parka has finally died. The lining is falling to pieces and the zipper keeps breaking, leaving me stuck in my jacket like an elementary school kiddo. Though it’s sad that I need to retire my beloved coat that’s so full of memories, it’s also kind of fun to browse for a new one. When you live in a city where it snows nine months out of the year, you’d better get a jacket that you like. A lot.

Apparently my mom picked up the check on my last North Face parka, because I had no idea that these things cost $300. Look, this jacket is an investment, but I’d rather invest that dough elsewhere. Then my mom suggested I check out a site called Am I the last person in the world to have heard of this site? Possibly. You search a brand or store and the site shows you all of the discounts and coupons that that brand/shop is currently running. You can use coupon codes that you might not otherwise know about to get discounts on your purchase. You can also see user reviews about whether the discounts are still active. I ended up getting a jacket that was almost $300 for $180. That is my kind of deal.

I know this sounds like a commercial for this site, but seriously. How good is that? If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d recommend it!

Are there any other great shopping sites I need to know about? I fear that I’m behind the times.

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  1. I love RetailMeNot! It’s one of the few coupon/deal sites that isn’t totally spammy and fake, in my opinion. Sometimes I can’t find any coupons on it for my order, but I’d say 7/10 times I at least get 10% off or free shipping!

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