The Perfect Boyfriend Gift

Shopping for guys is hard. Nearly impossible actually. Chris has more clothes than any guy I know, so that’s out. Plus, whenever I try to buy him clothes I end up dressing him like a Backstreet Boy (old crushes die hard, okay?) and it’s not good. There are some standard “guy gifts” that you can always buy, such as DVDs or cologne, but that’s boring. I try to mix it up. And let me just say, this Valentine’s Day I NAILED IT. That’s not a humblebrag, that’s a serious, legitimate brag. I got him this gadget:


It lets you play old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo games in this one system. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really know anyone who still has their Nintendo or Super Nintendo kicking around. Nintendo 64, maybe, but those other systems are pretty hard to come by. However, sometimes you just need a little Donkey Kong fix, or maybe you want to play some original Super Mario Bros. Or, in Chris’s case, Baseball Stars from 1989. If this is your dilemma, here’s your solution.


I won’t lie, I was pretty skeptical when I ordered this thing off of Amazon. I thought there was no way it would work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually works perfectly. So far we’ve played a bunch of Super Nintendo and Nintendo games with no issue.

I originally bought this gift for Chris, thinking it would keep him content for hours, right? Well, last night he had to work late, and guess who spent two hours in front of Donkey Kong Country? Yep. Me. When I found myself Googling cheats for a level I couldn’t beat, I knew it was time to pack it in. My inner 12-year-old boy was getting out of control.

You can order games for the system off of Amazon or Ebay for roughly four dollars, so overall this whole thing is a great investment. The system itself cost about forty bucks. Not bad at all. Here’s a link to the one I bought if you’re interested. No more “Ugh, what do I get him?” when the next holiday rolls around.

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