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The Only Brownie Recipe You'll Ever Need To Cure a Bad Day

Yesterday I was having a craptastic day, which only got more craptastic when I sliced my finger open with a knife. I was aggravated and sad and bleeding, and I needed to eat my feelings–clearly the person who said that eating your feelings is bad has never actually done this, because my feelings taste pretty […]

I Think I'll Always Love Ryan Cabrera

They say that old crushes die hard, and I can personally confirm that this is true. I’ve had a thing for Ryan Cabrera since 9th grade, when I went to three of his shows and drooled over him as Ashlee Simpson’s love interest on her reality show (remember how great that was? Here’s a clip […]

Why It's Actually a Great Time to Have Career Goals

If you’re a recent grad or working an entry-level job of any kind, you’re probably used to people talking to you about one of the following: How it’s impossible to get a job How you’ll have to work really hard for really terrible money How the job market is terrible If the person talking to […]

You Know Those Crispy Noodles from A Chinese Restaurant? Here's a Healthier Alternative

You know those crispy noodles that you get at a Chinese restaurant before your meal comes? The ones that everyone eats three bowls of and then instantly regrets because they’re very greasy? Well I’ve found a healthier alternative to those crispy, salty, delicious munchies. They’re called Eat Your Vegetables and they look like this: You’ve […]

Yes, You Can Go On Vacation Even If You're Not Independently Wealthy

Chris and I have been talking about going on vacation for a while. Now that we’ve both been working for a while and are real adults (or something) we’re ready to head out on our own trip. The only trouble is, it’s kind of a challenge to go on vacation when you don’t make much […]