What Julianne Hough Can Teach You About Being Happy

Whenever I go on a trip I always pick up a HUGE stack of magazines, and also know that several others will be there to greet me when I get home. It’s one of the best parts of travel, right?  When I came back from Florida, I saw two issues of Cosmo in my mailbox. The February issue had the beautiful Julianne Hough on the cover, so I was interested to read what she had to say. One part of her interview really struck me. When talking about her past, she  said, “I never wanted to feel content, but I realized content and complacent are two different things. Now I want to feel content with my life, with my dogs, with my boyfriend, with everything.”

The future Mrs. Seacrest (I hope so, anyway) brings up a good point. When you’re really motivated, it’s easy to continually push yourself forward to the next thing without allowing yourself to feel appreciative of what you have going on now. You never want to settle, so you just keep moving on. It’s great to continually try to maximize your potential, but this shouldn’t be at the cost of your present happiness. If you don’t force yourself to stop and take stock of what you have rightatthisverysecond, you’ll go through your entire life never really feeling happy.

Here’s the thing: there will always be another goal that you’re hoping to achieve. There will always be a new job or career accomplishment or personal challenge that you want to tackle. If you wait until you check all of these things off of your list, you’ll never get there. Or you’ll be very, very old. Instead of prolonging happiness until you’ve accomplished every single thing on your list, it’s better to have more of a balance. Yes, you should keep pushing and working to achieve more, but you should also take time to feel proud of the way your life is now. Just because you’re satisfied with the accomplishments you’ve achieved so far, doesn’t mean you’re done working. It also doesn’t mean you’re arrogant or obnoxious. It’s good to take pride in the things you’ve accomplished; you shouldn’t feel bad about allowing yourself to enjoy them.

Do you agree with Julianne’s advice? 

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