God I Love Chelsea Handler

I know I rip on her choice (or her stylist’s choice) of attire a lot, but God do I love Chelsea Handler. Everything about her is cool. She’s rich and famous, but uses her power to fly her friends and family on fancy vacations. She has an insane office and A-list friends, but really all she cares about is treating people well and hanging out with her dog.

I was watching her special on the OWN network last night, and I literally felt like she was my kid. I just felt proud. Oprah had a lot of great questions, and Chelsea had equally awesome answers. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend that you do so. She offered up a few quotes that I found particularly interesting. They include:

“You get knocked down and you don’t ever take that personally. It doesn’t matter how many people say no .” When commenting on her success and fame as she was coming up through the years, she notes, “I always thought ‘Oh I deserve this’ without being egotistical.”

It’s such a good point. Many people either feel entitled to their success, or constantly feel the need to apologize for it. Contrary to popular belief, there is a middle ground. You can believe that you deserve your good fortune, without having to boast about how awesome you are when you get it.

She also says, “When you’re trying to shine, you shouldn’t only be trying to shine. Let others in so they can shine next to you.”

Again, another terrific point that is often lost on people who are striving to be successful. You know that quote, ” A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”? Clearly Chelsea has heard of it. I love that she is willing to go for hers, but doesn’t feel the need to get threatened by other people’s success.

And this one: “There’s a difference between having a healthy self esteem and being egotistical.”

She is the definition of everything that famous people should be. She’s confident in her abilities (no fake Taylor Swift humble attitude here) but she’s not an egomaniac, like so many other famous (and non) people are. She truly believes in helping others achieve their goals too, especially women. I love that. Plus, you can’t argue that she’s talented.

She may get portrayed as silly and drunk, but girlfriend knows what she’s talking about. Love her. Are you a Chelsea fan?

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  1. I’m assuming you’ve read her (3?) books. They are hilarious. Laugh-out-loud-while-reading hilarious.


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