Lindsay Lohan, What Are You Doing?

Do you remember when Lindsay Lohan looked like this?

Or how about this?

What a babe, right?

And then let’s move over and take a look at present Lohan, who’s life is full of court appearances, car crashes, and this:

Super skinny, lip injections, dead eyes, the works. She looks good for 45, right? Except that she’s only 26. I know, right?

While it’s amusing to mock Lindsay Lohan and her hot mess of a life, in reality it’s actually sad. Lindsay, what the eff are you doing? She went from stealing everyone’s hearts in The Parent Trap to stealing the hearts of teen boys everywhere in her little plaid skirts in Mean Girls, to just plain stealing from jewelry stores in Los Angeles.

Blame it on her insane mom (did you see her interview with Dr. Phil? Girlfriend is nuts) or her equally insane father. Blame it on childhood stardom, which seems to have a negative effect on many people. Blame it on whatever you want, but this girl has created a tragic existence for herself.

Most of the time I want to strangle Lindsay Lohan. I want to shake her and scream in her face and make her clean up her act. She is/was beautiful, she truly does have talent, but somehow she got off track. It’s a shame that she’s wasting all of her potential doing whatever it is that she’s doing. I mean when Charlie Sheen is trying to help you, you know you need to reexamine your life.

I wish that Linds had someone in her life like Papa Spears. She needs someone sane to step in and take control and keep her on the straight and narrow until she can get her act together on her own. Remember Britney’s bald days? I truly thought she was never coming back, but slowly she rebuilt herself. I think Lindsay can do it too, but she needs to surround herself with the right people.

The one thing that’s not helping her is her court appearances. Clearly all of this rehab and counseling isn’t working, so I think the judges are doing her a disservice by going easy on her. Someone needs to man/woman up and make her do some time in the slammer. Maybe that would make her get her life together. I know celebrities typically get off easy (aka Paris Hilton’s six hours in jail) but that only perpetuates their entitlement issues. Ms. Lohan needs to come to terms with reality if she ever wants to do a real movie (Herbie Fully Loaded doesn’t count) again.

How do you feel about Lindsay Lohan? Do you hate her? Feel bad for her? Want the old Lindsay back?

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  1. I like the old Lindsay, she was beautiful! Now I don’t know what have happened. I feel sorry for her, she can do better.

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