A Relationship Tip from David and Victoria Beckham

Who wouldn’t want to be the Beckhams, right? It must be nice to be famous, gorgeous, super rich, and to have the cutest kiddos ever. But while it may seem as though Mr. and Mrs. Becks have everything (including plenty of body art between the two of them) it’s important to remember that this pair has had their fair share of relationship troubles. Remember when he may/may not have had an affair with their nanny? Yeah… But that’s not the point of this post. The point is that they’ve worked through those issues, and now have a strong union. These two have been together for 14 years, which is an eternity in Hollywood, and they’re offering tips on how to move past tough points in order to keep your relationship strong.

I’ve read a few things about the Beckham marriage that stuck with me. During one interview with the couple that I read (I just spent twenty minutes trying to it online and couldn’t, sorry) they explain that they engage in regular conversations about the state of their relationship, even when they’re not experiencing problems. They literally set up a time to chat, thus guaranteeing that the discussions will occur, even with their busy schedules. It may sound a little weird at first, but I actually think this is such a smart idea. Some of the worst fights aren’t about major issues, but they escalate because one person has been bottling their feelings. When a small argument begins, they then end up dumping out a month’s worth of frustrations during the disagreement, thus turning a small dispute into a major blowout. Just like you do regular maintenance on a car even when it’s working well, doing regular maintenance on your relationship is important if you want your bond to remain strong.

It’s not always easy to have an honest conversation about your relationship without getting emotional. Maybe someone tries to storm off, or wants to shut down the conversation when things get tense. What starts out as a productive discussion ends up with the two of you in separate rooms giving each other the silent treatment for the rest of the night. But the art of mastering a calm yet worthwhile talk about your relationship is a crucial part of your overall well-being as a couple. You have to get good at putting heated feelings aside, and expressing your thoughts in a level-headed manner. It’s much easier to do this when you’re talking regularly. This way, issues don’t have a chance to build and morph and become unmanageable. Do you need to have a State of the Relationship address every evening before dinner? Probably not. But it’s important to make it a point to check in regularly, instead of simply letting blowouts occur from time to time.

Do you like the Beckhams together? Do you agree with their relationship tip?

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