The Real Problem with Teen Mom 2

First off, let me state that I’m a loyal Teen Mom 2 watcher. I devour every second of every episode, and know way too much about Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn. Sometimes, much like with the seven dwarves, I have a hard time remembering who’s who. I’ll mix up the original Teen Mom girls with the ones from season 2, but I always get it eventually. I can have a lengthy discussion with you about Leah’s relationship with Corey versus her marriage to Jeremy. I can imitate Barbara Evans. But despite my love of the show, I think it does us all (and the girls) a disservice.

I know. This is no shocking revelation. But while other people have a problem with the girls getting boob jobs and hair extensions (I agree that this is not a fabulous use of money) I have more of a problem with the messages they send about relationships. Okay, I also have a problem with the way Jenelle parents and her choice of men, and I have an issue with Chelsea’s immaturity and reliance on her dad. But I mostly am focused on the way that these girls handle their love lives.

Let’s start with Leah. This girl used to be my favorite. I was always on her team. But then she divorced a guy (after cheating on him right before their wedding) seemingly over a truck. She’s left with a broken family. Sad, but not unusual (unfortunately) for teen moms. My problem comes in because she then brought another man into her daughters’ life, got engaged and pregnant after only months of meeting him ON FACEBOOK and then broke up with the guy in order to get back with Corey. After little to no effort on either of their parts (besides a few instances of muttering that required subtitles as they stood at his truck while exchanging the girls) she immediately gave up on a reconciliation with Corey, got re-engaged to Jeremy and got pregnant again after having a miscarriage.

The trouble is this: at one point, Leah literally said, “Maybe we should break up for a little while” to Jeremy. This was after another whole discussion about how maybe it was a blessing in disguise that they had a miscarriage. Shortly after this chat, they were pregnant again. Say what? Look, Leah doesn’t hide the fact that she’s all about the ideal family. She wants a father figure for her daughters, she wants to take her kids to church. She wants that life. And I respect that. But I think it’s reckless to jump in and out of marriages, not just relationships but actual marriages, simply because she’s so desperate for that family picture. It sends a message that marriage is something to be taken lightly, and that engagement rings can come on and off with no consequences. Even if you’re not a teen mom, that’s a risky approach to life.

Then we have Chelsea, who accepts horrible treatment from her babydaddy, yet still jumps back into bed (or the back of his motorcycle) with him any time he gets lonely and comes calling. I get that they have a daughter together, but this sends such a sad message about self-respect. Yes, Chelsea is immature. Yes, she relies on her dad too much. But there is no need for her to degrade herself by accepting that kind of treatment from Adam. She’s got great hair and pretty makeup and is glamorous, so I’m sure plenty of girls who watch the show admire her. Because of this, they probably think that it’s perfectly acceptable to have a guy treat you poorly, only to take him back whenever he wishes.

I won’t even touch Jenelle, because that’s a whole separate rant. Besides Kailyn’s shoving incident with Javi, she’s the more normal one of the bunch, so she’ll get left alone.

I think part of the problem is that all of these girls come from broken homes, and most of them have messed up families. It’s a sad fact that reflects on the importance of your family when it comes to the choices you make. And because of their situations, they probably crave a stable home life for their children. I respect and understand that. But they need to realize that you can’t just plug a man into the equation after knowing him for a matter of months, and expect the perfect little family. You can’t accept bad treatment from someone because you’re hoping that one day the three of you will form a sweet family. Relationships aren’t as simple as movies or books. It’s about getting to know someone and knowing what you deserve, even if that means waiting on getting your “ideal family unit” for a little while.

Like it or not, these girls are role models, so it’s important that they help to illustrate healthy, well thought out relationship choices for their young fans. Also, I feel like there should be a rule that if you still have braces, you are not legally allowed to reproduce.

What do you think about the Teen Mom craze? Do you like the show? Do you like the girls?

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