You Know Those Crispy Noodles from A Chinese Restaurant? Here's a Healthier Alternative

You know those crispy noodles that you get at a Chinese restaurant before your meal comes? The ones that everyone eats three bowls of and then instantly regrets because they’re very greasy? Well I’ve found a healthier alternative to those crispy, salty, delicious munchies. They’re called Eat Your Vegetables and they look like this:

imagesYou’ve probably walked by them a billion times at the grocery store and not really paid much attention. I had, anyway. But the other day I decided to try these guys. Sometimes you just have to satisfy your chip craving, but want to do so in a healthier way. These things are INSANELY good. They have 130 calories per serving (which is 13 chips) and they’re crunchy and satisfying. Personally, I think they taste exactly like those addictive Chinese restaurant crispy noodles. And, as the name implies, they have a serving of vegetables in every ounce.

True story: my boyfriend hates anything green. Doesn’t matter whether it’s lettuce or cucumbers, he is not into it. The only veggies he enjoys are honey-glazed carrots, and that only half counts. Anyway, I did the most Mom-ish thing ever, and handed him some chips without letting him see the bag. He wolfed them down and raved about how delicious they were, immediately asking for another handful. Look, I know the amount f vegetables in these things are small, but any time I can get him to get some sort of veggies in his diet it feels like a success. Instead of eating Lays, why not make it a little healthier? I worry, you know? So he was all about these things for a few days, until he happened to spot the bag in the pantry. It was all over from there. Too healthy. But the point is, even my veggie-hating boyfriend loves/loved them.

Check them out next time you’re at the store. I’m a big fan.


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