I Think I'll Always Love Ryan Cabrera

They say that old crushes die hard, and I can personally confirm that this is true. I’ve had a thing for Ryan Cabrera since 9th grade, when I went to three of his shows and drooled over him as Ashlee Simpson’s love interest on her reality show (remember how great that was? Here’s a clip if you need a refresher). Though his days with Ashlee are long over, I have not moved on from his spiky hair and sweet songs. My friends will sometimes reference the days when we used to have a crush on Mr. Cabrera.

“Used to?” I ask.

They laugh. I’m serious.

Personally, I don’t know how you can avoid swooning when you hear him sing “True.” I also know that it probably takes a lot of work to get your hair like this

g12c000000000000000cba8b713927f45093c67c6f4408a029c2a614c7aAnd I appreciate the effort. They say that you always remain attached to the music that you listened to in middle/high school. I think the same goes for your crushes. Though my boyfriend shamelessly mocks guys who bring their guitars to bonfires to attract girls, I would have no problem if Ryan showed up with guitar in hand.

As an aside, I just tried to watch the Ashlee Simpson Show on TV, since now I miss it. I could only find clips, and I think that’s disappointing. I want this show, Newlyweds, and MTV’s Sorority Life available on Netflix. Now. But don’t worry, you can find The Hills there, so that should take care of your nostalgia fix.

So let’s hear it. Who do you have a permanent crush on? Embarrassing crushes, J.T., it doesn’t matter. No judgment.

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  1. haha I LOVED him and Ashlee together, I’m not even going to lie. I also was obsessed with her first CD. I may still occasionally listen to it. No judging. I’m trying to think of my old celebrity crushes, but I’m drawing a blank!

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