The Only Brownie Recipe You'll Ever Need To Cure a Bad Day

Yesterday I was having a craptastic day, which only got more craptastic when I sliced my finger open with a knife. I was aggravated and sad and bleeding, and I needed to eat my feelings–clearly the person who said that eating your feelings is bad has never actually done this, because my feelings taste pretty damn good–however, I didn’t want to regret the consumption of emotions the next day. I felt like the occasion called for brownies, but not the really bad for you kind. Once my finger stopped bleeding and I convinced my mom that she didn’t need to call an ambulance for me, I made this recipe.

It’s from, which I always thought was just a way to calculate the calories in your food. Turns out they have some great, healthy recipes. These banana chocolate chip muffins are on my “to do” list.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. Brownies. This recipe uses boxed mix with egg whites, water, and unsweetened applesauce in place of regular eggs and oil. I had tried a similar recipe before and they were really good, but a bit spongy. I was really impressed with how these brownies came out, though. No sponginess to be found. They don’t have the exact consistency of regular brownies, but they’re still delicious. Very chewy and not too dry ( I would say “moist” but I think that word is revolting).

If you’re having a bad day, here is my advice: make these brownies and turn on some Netflix. Watch old episodes of Laguna Beach or even the Justin Bieber movie (What? I just watched it. It was good. Moving on….) and you’ll instantly feel better. Warm brownies and Netflix cure all evil.

What’s your solution for a bad day? Any go-to comfort foods?

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