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Chelsea Handler on Dealing with Jealousy

If you know me, you know that Chelsea Handler is my spirit animal. I regularly have dreams that she and I are best friends (weird, I know) and I recently wrote this post about her. I love her even more after watching her do an interview with Amanda de Cadenet for “The Conversation” (a site […]

Anatomy of the Perfect Double Date

When you’re a part of a couple, finding other couples to hang out with is a surprisingly difficult task. Either you love the girl and your boyfriend has nothing to talk about with the guy, or maybe your boyfriends are hitting it off and you’re just sitting there going, “So….” Over the course of our relationship, […]

How to Handle an Unnecessary Antagonist

Unfortunately, no matter how talented, beautiful, and kind you are, you’re going to find someone who has something bad to say about you. This applies to politicians, actresses, supermodels, humanitarians, and the rest of us. I call these haters “unnecessary antagonists.” The “unnecessary” is there to indicate that you’ve actually done nothing wrong to this […]

Miss "Newlyweds"? Here's A Solution.

I will watch basically anything on the E! Network. I’m a HUGE fan of Chelsea Lately, watch the Kardashians (though I hate myself for it) and, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, always DVR “Married to Jonas.” So you can imagine my excitement when E! announced that it would soon be airing a new show called […]

Let's Get Some Career Advice From Emmy Rossum, Shall We?

I absolutely adore Emmy Rossum. She seems sweet, down-to-earth, and like a girl you could drink mimosas with at Sunday brunch. The other day I saw an interview with her on Elvis Duran’s show and my girl crush grew stronger.  During the interview, Emmy was talking about how hard it is to make it as […]