Why I Actually Kind of Feel Bad for Kim Kardashian In Spite of Myself

Okay, let’s face it. In many ways, Kim Kardashian is insufferable. She tries to play it off like she’s the sweet, down-to-earth one in the family, but then she gets all mad that her sisters discourage her from buying a $10,000 coat. To soothe herself, all she has to do is post a bunch of selfies on Instagram and apply more makeup.  Not exactly a relatable person, I know. But at the same time, I feel for Kim during her pregnancy. Go on any website and you’ll see pictures of her looking shockingly big. Not just belly-big, but hips and booty big. Somehow I feel like these pictures are either Photoshopped, or taken from a really unflattering angle.

d7fhjj1t1mms16iq0m1pThis is sad, because she’s pregnant, and a lot of outlets are just trying to make it seem like she went a little crazy at the all-you-can-eat buffet last weekend. There’s a big difference between growing a human and letting yourself go. Sure, she hasn’t exactly figured out how to style her pregnancy body appropriately. She could probably afford to lay off the leather skirts and high waisted pants and just embrace some empire waist tunics. However, that’s just how Kim is.

Here’s the reason I feel for her: we’ve all had days when we feel less-than-cute. Maybe you and your treadmill are on a break, or you’re just feeling blah. Imagine having one of those days, except 30 photographers are chasing you and then posting pictures of your bloat (or in her case pregnant belly) all over magazine covers. Then they throw a caption like, “200 pounds and alone! She can’t stop eating!” over your face. Anddd then you go hide and cry. Except you can’t, because your job is to be out in public, doing appearances and whatnot. Yikes. Kind of a dilemma.

Sure, Kim brought some of it on herself. When you tweet a picture of every second of your life and let cameras follow you around non-stop, you can’t exactly be mad when people don’t allow you to have any privacy. However, that doesn’t mean that she deserves to get publicly ridiculed when she gains weight because she’s pregnant and then picks an awkward, unflattering outfit.

Celebrities always claim that they don’t read what nasty people write about them, but they’re still human and they have to care at least a little bit. We all know that girlfriend is very vain, so her changing body is probably hard for her to deal with in private, let alone when it’s splayed across the covers of magazines nationwide.

Look, I’m not exactly defending Kim, because she has billions of dollars and no actual talent, but I definitely feel for the ridicule she’s endured since she got pregnant. No woman would want to go through that, regardless of your financial/fame status.

What do you think: are you on Team Kim or is this just what she signed up for? 

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