Ode to Christina Hendricks

Mad Men is back (finally!) and that means we get our weekly dose of the elegant Christina Hendricks. Oh and Jon Hamm, too. Duh. Seriously though, can Christina Hendricks do any wrong? She’s sexy without being tacky, she always has this mysterious way about her, and she is naturally gorgeous. No fake tan, tumblr_mbs73mYWpb1rotgsno1_500fake nails, fake everything. You never look at her and think, “Welp, she’s wearing eight gallons of makeup. Actually, does she even have a real face under all of that?” She is understated and naturally gorgeous.

In an (unfortunate) era of self-imposed protruding hipbones and collar bones, Christina Hendricks stands out. She’s got boobs, hips, and, yes, even a butt. Yet despite her curvy appearance, you won’t find her in unflattering house dresses. Ms. Hendricks wears outfits that are perfectly tailored to her body. She always looks put together, and never steps out in a shapeless or over-the-top ensemble. She’s become sort of a style icon for the curvy women of the world. For those of us dealing with/blessed with (depending on the day) some curves, it’s helpful to look at Christina’s clothing choices. Sometimes it feels like you have to drape your body to tone down the curve factor. Other women seem to believe that the best option is to let everything hang out all the time, since they have it available to flaunt. Christina chooses to go somewhere in the middle, and executes it perfectly. She proves that when you understand how to dress your body, you always look great. There’s no need to hide what you’ve got, but it’s also not necessary to make your “assets” the focus of your entire persona. She’s got her powerful personality and smirky smile to add to the mix.

Do you think you’d ever find Christina freaking out about the scale? Probably not. Though I don’t know her personally, her attitude on red carpets illustrates that she’s proud of her body, but doesn’t let it dictate her happiness. Of course her character, Joan, is complex and we could spend an entire post analyzing her behavior/motives, but the point of this post is the following: Christina Hendricks is a babe. She is elegant yet still sensual, and shows that knowing how to dress your body is more important than obsessing about a goal weight. Naturally curvy, naturally stick-thin, it doesn’t matter. Work with what you’ve got.


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