Things Florida Has That New York Doesn't

I’m writing to you from Florida, where I’m working and getting awkward sunburns like this.


Trust me, it looks worse in person. I apparently had a great time placing random splotches of sunscreen all over my body. You know it’s bad when strangers are stopping you at Target to ask if you’re okay. Not ideal.

Anyway, besides the sun and the beach and birds that chirp, Florida has many other things that my home of New York cannot offer me. One of these is a makeup store called Ulta. Have you heard of it? It’s basically like Sephora except cooler in some ways. It offers all of the brand name items that you’ll find at Sephora (Too-Faced, Lorac, etc.) but you can also find drugstore brands, hair products, Essie nail polish, and clip-in hair extensions. So basically it’s my idea of heaven.

Besides this store, Florida also offers you The Fresh Market. Again, it’s kind of like a cooler, better version of a store you already know. If you frequent Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, you’ll be familiar with the kinds of wares that The Fresh Market sells. It’s got fresh fruits and veggies, funky organic drinks, tons of bulk candy and trail mix, and these amazing cupcakes.


In addition to these desirable goods, The Fresh Market also sells the most amazing snack ever. They’re called “Hi I’m Skinny.” I purchased the sweet potato variety, and will probably need to go back for additional supplies tomorrow. They don’t really taste like chips like I was expecting. They’re more like sweet potato cereal/graham crackers. I know that makes no sense, but they’re very sweet, air-popped and crunchy. Basically you just have to try them for yourself. You will be hooked. But that’s okay because 34 sticks only have 120 calories, so it makes it kind of acceptable when you devour half the bag. They look like this:


If you see them at your local grocery store, do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Have you had my new favorite snack before?

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  1. Wait, you guys don’t have Ultas near you? We have them at the mall (a whopping 50 minutes away, though)- they are the best! Those chips look pretty tasty, too. And please wear sunscreen next time- ouch! 🙂

  2. You’ve never seen an Ulta?!? Oh man. There’s one about 20 minutes from my house and a few more around Indy. It’s dangerous. I don’t go there often haha.

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