It Seems Inappropriate to Write About Anything Else Right Now…

It feels like just a few days ago when we all sat, speechless, watching the events of Newtown unfold. Chris and I were celebrating our four year anniversary, but I remember sitting at dinner, fighting back tears as I thought about those little kids getting killed. Kids my little cousin’s age were just gone, and I couldn’t believe it. Now we have people trying to enjoy an all-American day while running/watching the Boston Marathon, and instead they wind up in the middle of explosions.


Why is the world like this? Why should people have to feel afraid whenever they join a big crowd? You shouldn’t have to be scared to go watch a movie or cheer on a family member as they run a marathon. You shouldn’t have to worry when you’re going to school or traveling on an airplane. The world feels so unstable. There were always violent people, but now their actions are directed at innocent people just trying to enjoy a day out. It’s enough to make you afraid to leave your house.

The day of Newtown, Buzzfeed published this post that I found incredibly comforting. It shows random acts of kindness in all types of situations. Unfortunately, it seems to be necessary once again in the wake of yesterday’s events. Sometimes you just need a reminder that good, loving, kind people do exist.

There’s also the Huffington Post’s “Good News” account, which you may find comforting. They post tons of optimistic, happy stories from all over the world. I also offer you my Pinterest board entitled “Day Brighteners” which features images such as this one:


There are really no words that you can say that can make this better, but to everyone impacted by the day’s events, I’m thinking of you.

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