No, You Do Not Have a Big Nose

Let’s face it: whether you’re a supermodel or a mere mortal, there’s probably something about your face or body you don’t like. Personally, I would love a smaller, thinner nose. I’ve got several friends with the same complaint, while others are focused on their thin lips, flat hair, or “boring” brown eyes. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Mean Girls where everyone is listing off their various body complaints. Except (unfortunately) in real life, it’s rare to find a girl like Lindsay Lohan’s character, who is satisfied with herself and has to make up a fake gripe about her nail beds.

This feeling of dissatisfaction with our bodies and faces has become so normal, that’s it’s almost jarring when you meet someone who is pretty much content. You even have supermodels talking about how they have “fat days” and you have celebrities listing off complaints about their faces (and then paying to him them surgically altered).

However, there are a few things floating around on the Internet that have made me realize how destructive this behavior is. By now, you’ve probably seen Dove’s newest ad campaign. The video has real women describe how they view themselves to a sketch artist, who makes a drawing based on their description. Then, others who have viewed the woman offer their own description. The drawings are drastically different. The female’s description of herself creates a rather ugly picture, while other people describe in her in terms that make her sound beautiful. The point is that we are so hard on ourselves, and often fail to realize our own beauty. Little do we know, it’s there and it’s noticeable to other people.

This spot made me tear up because it’s so unbelievably true. While you sit there and think about your big nose or your protruding chin, others are focused on the beauty of your eyes or your mouth. Maybe it’s time to shift our focus and get to the point where we can only complain about our nail beds (seriously, mine do suck).

Then there’s this Tumblr account called Celebrity Close Ups. It shows you up close and personal pictures of your favorite celebrities. While they always look so flawless in pictures, the close up shots reinforce the fact that these people have ::gasp:: wrinkles, pimples, weird eyebrow things happening, and wear a TON of makeup. Seriously, a boat load. It makes you realize that everyone has pores, everyone breaks out, and everyone looks better with a lot of makeup to hide these imperfections that we aren’t used to seeing on famous people.

I thought these two new Internet sensations were great. I know they helped to give me a reality check, how do you feel about them?

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  1. So true! I saw the video last night and thought it was wonderfully done. I think we are all our own toughest critics- especially as women. For example, I hate my nose (and no- you do not have a big nose Lauren!) But when I tell people that they almost slap me- ok, some literally do slap me. We always think the grass is greener. Those with curly hair want straight hair, those with thick legs want thin legs, etc.

    I’m checking out that Tumblr now!

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