Miss "Newlyweds"? Here's A Solution.

I will watch basically anything on the E! Network. I’m a HUGE fan of Chelsea Lately, watch the Kardashians (though I hate myself for it) and, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, always DVR “Married to Jonas.” So you can imagine my excitement when E! announced that it would soon be airing a new show called “Love and Other Contact Sports: Eric and Jessie.”

Who are Eric and Jessie you ask? Why that would be Eric Decker (football player for the Denver Bronocs) and Jessie James (country singer and owner of a great head of hair). They look like this:


So yeah. Basically it’s hard to tell who’s better looking. You probably know Jessie’s songs “Wanted” or “I Look So Good Without You.” She is also one of my favorite tweeters. One minute you’re getting this awesome makeup tutorial and the next minute you’re getting relationship advice, or a tweet about how she keeps sweating through all of her deodorant. Ask my boyfriend about these two and he will spit out a bunch of facts about them, mostly because I kept getting annoyed when he confused this Jessie with Jessie J, another singer. He made it a point to learn their history in order to appease my pop-culture obsessed mind.

Jessie’s Southern, so her accent and mannerisms remind me of Jessica Simpson. Combine that with the fact that Eric and Jessie are both beautiful individuals ( like Nick and Jessica) and I think we’ve got a recipe for Newlyweds Part 2. This is convenient, because I’ve had a Newlyweds-sized hole in my heart, and I can’t find the old episodes on Netflix. It’s about time we got another cute couple on TV. They’re getting married soon, so I can’t wait to see their wedding. This was a great job by E! Give the people what they want, you know?

Will you be tuning in to Eric and Jessie’s show? 

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