Why Do We Love to See Celebrities Unravel?

I’ll admit, when Amanda Bynes first began showing signs of being a little “off,” I was mildly amused. I figured she was just another Hollywood airhead, and that it was okay to get a chuckle out of her fairly harmless antics. But the weirdness escalated with a bunch of DWIs and car crashes, and went on to result in this “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” interview in Us Weekly where she talked about how she lost four pounds since she got to New York, and wants to weigh 100 pounds. That’s great if you’re Kourtney Kardashian’s size…Amanda is 5’7″.  By now, I think we all know where it went from there. We got videos of her “sucking on a sour candy” as she struggles to keep her eyes open, topless pictures, and threats to sue tabloids for publishing pictures that she didn’t approve. She was getting kicked out of gymnastics classes and talking to light fixtures. In addition to this odd behavior, Amanda’s constant obsession with her weight clearly indicates some sort of eating disorder, and I think it’s safe to say that girlfriend has some kind of mental disorder, drug problem, or both.

While it may have been funny to read about Amanda’s weirdness when we just thought she was your stereotypical Hollywood bimbo, it’s clear that something more serious is going on now. She seems to have alienated her loved ones, and is headed down a path of self-destruction that even Lindsay Lohan isn’t pursuing.

Yet despite these factors, Amanda Bynes is still very much the butt of everyone’s jokes. It almost reminds me of when Britney Spears shaved her head and started attacking cars with umbrellas. The general public was sad to see their pop princess fall, but also couldn’t wait to see what she’d do next. We love our celebrities when they’re on top, but seem to love them even more when they’ve hit rock bottom. When you start to get satisfaction out of reading her “stream of consciousness” Twitter feed, remember that she’s a real person and is clearly having a serious crisis.

Personally, I think this girl is a talented actress. She had good comedic timing and was fun to watch. It makes me sad to see her like this, and I hope someone is able to step in and help her.

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