If Everyone Asks You When You're Getting Engaged, This Is For You

Okay, shameless self promotion time. Sorry. If you’re in a long-term relationship like me, chances are that you frequently field questions about an engagement. People want to know where your ring is/when you expect to be getting married/why you aren’t married yet. If this sounds like your life, then you’ll want to check out an article I wrote for The Frisky called “How to Deal When Everyone Else is Obsessed WIth You Getting Engaged.”

Here are a few paragraphs from the piece:

I’ve had a boyfriend for four years and we’re not engaged. I know. But we like it that way for now. Seriously. 

To me, getting married is not something that a person should do when she has to call her mother multiple times a day for various reasons including, “I was too scared to kill a bug so I just drowned it in Raid. Will I get cancer now?” Marriage doesn’t seem appropriate for someone who is continually moving the same 20 dollars from checking to savings.

As a wife, you can’t regularly experience existential crises like I do. In my mind, marriage is for more worldly people, people who have settled down in life. Because after you say “I do” comes the purchase of a house and the arrival of children. And quite frankly, I’m not comfortable with that. I openly admit it: I am not ready to get married. Now is not the time to tie the knot.

If you get a second, read the piece and let me know what you think!

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