There is Never a Good Time To Make a Change. Here's Why You Should Do It Anyway

Hope all of the moms, grandmas, aunts, and mother figures in your life had a great Mother’s Day. My mama and I had lunch together, did some shopping, and hung out before going to a great dinner with my dad. My parents have two dogs, one of whom generally ignores me and flocks to my boyfriend. Of course, yesterday he decided to run around in the pouring rain, getting all muddy. As soon as he came inside, he wanted nothing more than to jump right on top of me (as seen here)


At dinner, my parents and I talked a lot about my decision to move to Charlotte this fall. I’ve been looking at apartments and am excited about the idea, but still had some hesitations. I’m nervous about being a plane ride away from them, and am not sure that I’m ready to move to a place where cost of living is higher. I like living comfortably and am not really a “Ramen every night type of girl.” Despite this, I’m ready for a change of scenery, a bigger city with more action, and better weather.

As I was expressing these pros and cons about making such a major move, my mom made a great point. She said, “There’s never a good time to do anything. There’s never a good time to get married, or have a baby, or move. Do it anyway.”

She’s completely right. Of course, I will be skipping the married and baby step for a while, but her point is spot on. It’s never easy to decide to make a major life change. You’ll always come up with 1,000 reasons why you should keep pursuing the path you’re on. Sometimes you have to just jump in head first and figure it out later. Unless you’re extremely wealthy, you’re probably never going to feel financially prepared for a big decision, but don’t let this reason be the thing that holds you back from trying new things, seeing new sights, and just generally going after what you want. If the situation is going to cause a major issue–for example, you’ll only be able to see your family once every two years or you will have to live in a box–then I’d say give it some careful thought and consideration, but for the most part, big choices are positive. Even if it turns out to be a hot mess disaster, at least you tried and now you know. You won’t have to spend your time thinking, “What if I HAD tried that thing I was thinking about doing?”

So a little Mother’s Day advice from my mom to yours: give it a shot. It’s worth it.

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