Quarter Life Crisis? Try Updating Your Resume.

As part of my job, I spend time helping clients rewrite their resumes, update their LinkedIn profiles, and craft the perfect cover letter for a job opening. Despite the fact that I spend a significant portion of my week helping others boost their online profiles and resumes, my own documents were completely out of date. My resume wasn’t exactly eye-catching, and had some awkward wording. My LinkedIn had barely been touched since I graduated college. When I did update it, it was just to add information about my new job. After making other people look their best on paper (and online) I decided it was time to do something for myself.

I’ve been feeling stressed out about life decisions lately, and am having a mini quarter-life crisis over the fact that I’m turning 25 in a few weeks. It just sounds so old. No more “post-college” figuring it out. I feel like I need to have my act together by now.

Anyway, because of this crisis, I was starting to question my own skills and abilities. I was surprised to find that even spending an hour on my resume and LinkedIn was enough to lift me out of my funk. I reformatted the document, added some stronger wording and new skills that I’ve picked up, and updated my LinkedIn to match. Afterward, I felt much more relaxed. It turns out that I actually have done things so far in my career, I just wasn’t demonstrating them properly. After fixing up my documents, I felt much better about my skills, abilities, and work thus far. It sounds kind of silly, but seeing work experience right in front of me helped me to remember my strengths as a writer and an editor.

Sometimes you get so caught up on working on other people’s stuff that you forget to give your own resume and LinkedIn a little love and affection. This is probably the same for people in different industries too. If you’re a web designer, you work on other websites all day and forget to update your own. If you’re a nutritionist/health coach, you spend so much of your day offering healthy living advice to others that you overlook what you own body needs. It happens, but it’s time to change that.

If you’re having doubts about your own abilities, take just a few minutes and update your resume. And, shameless plug, if you’re struggling with doing so, shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment and I can help.

I’ve found that updating a resume can also be useful if you’re unsure what you want to do with your life. When I was trying to find “my calling” (as they say) I would spend a lot of time looking over my resume, taking note of the different organizations I’d worked with in the past. I looked at the stuff I really enjoyed, as well as the stuff I hoped to never have to do again. After taking some time to look at your history put on paper in front of you, you begin to see patterns that can help push you in the right direction.

How do you give yourself a little boost when you need it? 

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