Ode to Dani Jonas

When I was spending some time in Florida, my boyfriend would text me for help managing our DVR. Since I record basically everything on the E! Network, as well as “My Crazy Obsession” and every variation of “Teen Mom” that exists, our DVR gets pretty full. I never miss a checkup with Dr. Drew or an “unseen moments” episode. One of the shows that constantly came up during this time was “Married to Jonas.” My boyfriend would always ask me if he needed to keep recording this show, and the answer was a resounding yes.

I love MTJ, I really do, and a large part of the reason I adore it so much is because Danielle “Dani” Jonas is the best.

See, normally when you think of popstar wives, you think of girls who look like someone drew them. They’re so perfect it’s scary, and they may have little to no personality. Some of them are clearly WAY into the perks that come with popstardom. Danielle Jonas could not be more different.

Dani is a soft-spoken, down-to-earth, Italian girl who values her family and her dogs. She and Kevin currently live in New Jersey (though they may move to New York), far away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Danielle gets insecure and suffers from anxiety, like many other women across the country. She has doubts about her life choices and is struggling to figure out how to be a grown up, just like any of us. Except for one minor detail: she’s married to an internationally-famous popstar.

The thing is, Dani Jonas is no trophy wife. She has a personality and wants to pursue a career in her own right. She loves and supports Kevin, often going on tour with him, but stays back to go after an opportunity working with Cosmo magazine. Where other women in her position would resign themselves to a life of following their man around and stepping into the background of red carpet pictures, Dani is different. She wants to focus on her own interests, while still acting as a supportive partner for her husband. I admire this about her. I respect the fact that she takes advantage of opportunities, but is never going to be caught dead saying, “Don’t you know who I am?” She’s not in it for the free stuff or the private planes. She’s in it because she loves her husband. Her breed of normal is appealing, refreshing, and relatable. We all have involved families and dreams and insecurities. We all love yoga and our pets and we get nervous when we’re presented with new opportunities. Dani Jonas: as the Us Weekly spread says, she’s just like us.

Are you a fan of “Married to Jonas”?

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