Why I'm Afraid of 3D Movies

3D movies are more popular than ever. You can see your favorite action movies, cartoons, and even “The Great Gatsby” in a more up-close-and-personal way. For many people, this is terrific. It enhances the movie experience and makes it more lifelike. Or so I’m told. For me, this is awful and has caused me to skip several titles that I wanted to see, simply because they were only shown in 3D.

What is my issue with 3D you ask?

It all started at Disneyworld, roughly 20 years ago. I hate Disney World, because I hate roller coasters, crowds, and hot weather. You can imagine that combining these three things didn’t work out well for me, and is probably part of the reason my family and I haven’t gone back since.

However, during our last fateful trip to Disney, my parents and I did a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” show/ride. It was 3D and showed scenes from the movie. However, it was in a pitch-black theater and included some pretty creepy effects. For example, when the family dog sneezed on screen, you got a blast of water on your back and neck. Gross. I hate when my dog does that in real life, why would I pay for that?

The part that really got me was when a bunch of mice were shown (this is 20 years, I can’t quite remember the context) and all of a sudden you felt dozens of blasts of air that felt like mice running up your legs. I freaked (to put it mildly), and quickly demanded that we leave. Not only were things popping out of the screen, but they were attacking me from all sides.

Now trust me, I know that seeing “Gatsby” in 3D will probably be nothing at all like this experience. But I can’t risk it. I’m a huge wimp. So that’s why Chris and I will be seeing the movie in 2D. It will be detached and manageable, just like a movie should be. I’m very “get off my lawn” when it comes to 3D movies. I hope things revert back to standard 2D soon, because I’m running out of excuses to tell my friends when they ask me to see this 3D film or that 3D film. I’m almost 25 and know that these types of movies probably shouldn’t give me the weirds anymore but…I can’t help it! I was literally traumatized at Disneyworld.

Are you a fan of 3D movies? Also, please tell me someone else knows about this Disneyworld ride.

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