A Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe That Will Make You Look Like You Can Cook

I’ve been experimenting with some crockpot recipes all week, and found one that is definitely a keeper. It’s a chicken tortilla soup recipe, and it will make even the most novice of chefs look like Emeril. It’s pretty healthy (unless you add cheese and crushed up tortilla chips like I did) and requires fairly simple ingredients that are easy to find. Some of these ingredients include chicken broth, diced tomatoes, chicken, enchilada sauce, chopped green chile peppers, frozen corn, and a couple of different seasonings. Throw it all in the crockpot, leave it for six hours, and you have flavorful soup that has just a little bit of a kick to it. I was afraid that the peppers would make it really spicy so I went easy on the other seasonings, but I think next time I could add some more chili powder.

Mine came out like this:


Chris said this picture makes it look gross and I kind of agree, but I wanted to post it so you can get an idea of what the finished product is like. Poor photography skills aside, this soup was a big hit. I will definitely be adding it to the regular rotation.

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