Bored and Playing On the Internet? Check Out My Favorite Video Series

I understand that you will probably be reluctant to click on the link to the video that I’m about to post now, but trust me. You should. I get it. Whenever someone sends you a link to watch a video, it always ends up being something dumb and unfunny and then you have to pretend to laugh as you wait for the three minutes to drag to a close. Been there done that. But trust me, these videos are not that.

They’re called the “Ask a Grown Man” series, and they’re from Rookie mag. Everyone from Jon Hamm to Judd Apatow to Jimmy Fallon answers questions about guys, relationships, and life in general. The site is aimed at teenagers, so they’re usually more about crushes and flirting and whatnot. There’s also an “Ask a Grown Woman” series.

Here, just watch this Jon Hamm one and you’ll see what I mean. If you like that one, also watch this one with Jimmy Fallon.

Oh, while we’re on the subject of things I love on the Internet, let’s talk about a site called Does the Dog Die? If you’re an animal lover like me, films where animals get hurt or die are very upsetting. In fact, you may avoid watching a movie or TV show because you know that an animal will get hurt or killed. If you want to know exactly what kind of sad animal situation you are or are not getting into before you commit, search the movie on the site. You can find out whether the animal is fine, gets hurt and recovers, or dies. No more weeping at the movie theater.

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