My New Favorite Show: Girl Code

I’d been hearing a lot about MTV’s new show Girl Code but hadn’t actually checked out an episode. See, when I’m watching TV, I’m usually catching up on some Kardashians or episodes of Chelsea Lately. But the other day I was eating my post-gym snack when I flipped on the TV and the show was on. I liked it so much that I sat for 45 minutes watching, when I really should have been showering.

Gross, I know. But that’s not the point.

The show covers a range of topics including online dating, sleepovers, mean girls, and canceling on plans with a friend. It features a bunch of different comedians (mostly girls, obviously, but some guys too) who provide quick, funny insight into the topic at hand. It’s just dirty enough without being crude, and also has hilarious graphics and cartoons to accompany what the comics are saying. It’s fast-paced and definitely on-point.

I started DVRing the series and watched three episodes in one day this weekend. I’m not ashamed. If you like Chelsea Lately and other similar “diverse and spunky roundtable of comics commenting on pop culture issues” type shows, then you should check this one out.

Way to go, MTV. Didn’t think anything could fill the season 1 of Teen Mom-sized void in my heart, but you’ve done it.

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  1. I love this show, too (and it’s totally a show I knew you would enjoy!) I love the one blonde comedian that is always on, Jessie Mae I think her name is?

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