On Taking Positivity And Making It Active

If you watch Chelsea Lately as much as I do, you’ve probably seen a comedian named Brody Stevens on the roundtable. While Brody is quirky and always comes equipped with great jokes about whatever topic they’re discussing, he recently brought up something that I found much more interesting than any Kardashian or Bynes jab. This is the concept of “the positive push.” Brody regularly makes reference to it, and I found this interesting. A positive push. It’s not a mantra that you passively repeat to yourself in the mirror in order to turn it into a reality. It’s not something you hope and wish for as you’re zoning out on the couch. It’s a push. It’s an active thing. It puts you in control of your own destiny.

When I’m feeling stressed out about something, talking about it with someone else helps (as I discussed yesterday), but the thing that makes me feel better in the long run is action. Whether it’s ending a negative friendship, deciding to move, or ending negative comparisons between myself and others, acting on choices has felt far more useful than simply talking about wanting to do these things. Even if you can’t complete the task right away, taking a few steps toward your ultimate goal makes you feel energized. While the conversation is a good start and a good way to get going, ultimately the action is what matters the most.

How many big talkers do you know? Probably a lot. I know I have plenty of them in my life. They’re going to get this job or do this work and start this company. They’re going to lose weight or find a boyfriend. In reality, the only thing they do is a lot of tweeting/talking/Facebooking about what they’re going to do….and not a lot of getting it done.

I don’t want to be like that. That’s why I’m into the idea of a positive push. To me, the idea says that you’re taking action toward making positive change. You’re taking any situation you’re faced with and making it positive. You’re seizing control. Even if it’s a small step, you’re getting off your butt and doing it. And isn’t it usually the case that change inspires more change? You start small (going to the gym an extra morning each week) and end up taking it further than you had ever thought or hoped was possible (cutting out late-night binges from your diet).

Next time you’re looking to make a change, regardless of how large or small, consider the idea of the positive push. Less talking, more action. Small steps count as much as big leaps. If you need a little inspiration, I’ve got a whole Pinterest board full for you.

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