I've Become Somewhat of a Candle Connoisseur

When I was growing up, my mom didn’t like me to light candles in the house because she was afraid I would burn the place down. Probably a reasonable fear. But now that I’m living on my own, I’ve become somewhat of a candle connoisseur. Throughout the work day I leave a candle burning, and we often keep them lit over dinner and at night as we’re relaxing. I just find the scent and the light to be really peaceful.

When you live with your boyfriend, a gender neutral scent is key. Though I love vanilla cupcake and other dessert-type scents, Chris is not really a fan and prefers something that smells a little more clean and relaxing and less “I would eat this if it wasn’t made of wax.”

The other day I wandered into Bath and Body Works and discovered their new line of candles. I also found a few others on sale. I’ve been burning these two nonstop lately:


This eucalyptus spearmint candle is amazing. It smells clean and fresh, and just masculine enough to keep everyone happy. I’m a big fan. I also got Boathouse Row, which smells woody and a little bit like men’s cologne. Guess “a little bit masculine” was the theme this time around. Considering I walk in to Abercrombie just to breathe in the smell of their “Fierce” scent (I know, I’m still in 9th grade) it kind of makes sense.

I’m still new to the candle game, so I’m working on exploring and finding different scents. If I ever feel in the mood to break the bank on a candle, I’ll buy the one you see below from Saks. Basically every celeb ever talks about it, and that makes it all the more intriguing to me. Oh, but it’s also $60.

However, considering the fact that the website says that a customer can’t order more than 6 candles every month, I feel like they must be pretty amazing, right?

Do you have any favorite candles/scents that I should check out?

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  1. Mamie Hillman says:

    I love candles and all the various candle holders.

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