The Workout Accessory You Need Now

I’ve been getting into running lately, and have been spending more time at the gym than ever before. This is great, except that I have a hairstyle that is not conducive to sweating. See, when you have bangs, your hair gets disgusting and sticks to your forehead as soon as you begin to workout. Sure you can pin them back, but if they’re short they just start to slowly fall out. When I run I need to be completely focused, and feeling my sweaty, nasty bangs sticking to my forehead is enough to get me out of the zone and off of the treadmill.

“Why not just buy a headband?” you ask.

That’s all well and good, but I literally have the biggest head ever. I’m not joking. You can’t tell by looking at me, but it’s MASSIVE. In fact, I once I had to have an MRI because the doctor didn’t believe that my head could be that big without something problematic going on. Turns out I just have a big head. Lots of brain to carry around in there, you know?

The reason I tell this big head story is because traditional cloth headbands that you get at the drugstore do NOT work for me. I stick them on my head and as soon as I turn on the treadmill, they’re slipping off or my bangs are falling out. Then I discovered Sweaty Bands.

What are Sweaty Bands you ask? They’re headbands that are very stretchy and have a velvet lining that holds hair in place perfectly without giving you a headache. Regardless of how short your hair is or what kind of layers/angles you have going on, this headband makes sure any rogue hairs stay out of your way. They come in thousands of colors and patterns, thus helping to jazz up a workout ensemble. If you have a massive head like me OR if you have a hairstyle with lots of layers/bangs (or in my case, both) then you want this accessory. It will keep your hair completely out of your face throughout your workout. I’m already stocking up on more, because I am super dependent on the first one I bought.

Some of the Sweatys that are next on my “to buy” list include:

This black and white chevron one


This blinged out purple one

This one is also badass

And I think this one is cute and dainty

You can also create your own Sweaty that features your name, team logo, or favorite colors.

I promise you that typical headbands do not work for me, but these guys have made my workout so much more pleasant. I only support a product that I truly love, and have just recently become an affiliate of the company because of how much this product impressed me. If Sweaty Bands are up your alley, look to the right of this post and you’ll see a little Sweaty Band box. Use that code to get a discount if you place an order. And then tell me which ones you get so I can think about how I want to add to my collection!

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