How Much Better Would You Be at High School Now?

I stayed at my parents’ house this weekend to celebrate Father’s Day with my pops. Let me tell you, the entire weekend brought on some major high school nostalgia. First of all, my parents haven’t touched my room since I graduated. I chose the color in fourth grade (Pool Party blue) and my high school backpack, pictures, and decorations are all still in tact. It’s like some sort of little museum or something.


Between finding a CD mix that I made called “Seniors ’06!” and seeing a birthday poster my friend made for me when I turned 16, I started to feel reallyyyy old. But at the same time, the memories from high school are still so fresh that I couldn’t help but feel like I had to wake up or else I was going to be late for homeroom. While I was wrestling with feeling both really old and still pretty close to high school age, I started thinking: how amazing would it be if you could go back to high school as your 25-year-old self? Sure, it’d be a little creepy, but all of the problems and drama you experienced in high school would probably be non-existent.

That girl in your calc class doesn’t like you? Oh, no one cares.

You weren’t picked to star in the musical? Welp, doesn’t matter because the girl who did will be selling insurance and living across the street from her parents in four years.

You got cut from the lacrosse team? Your stick is collecting dust because you found something else you really care about. No great loss.

You would stop worrying about what everyone thought about you, what kind of clothes you had to wear to fit in, and what kind of activities you should or shouldn’t be doing. You’d just do whatever you wanted and enjoy yourself and your lack of responsibilities. You’d go to dinner and then Target with your friends, and meet your crush at the football game. These were the days before Facebook (hello, MySpace) and texting had just become a thing. You may have actually had to call your crush’s house to talk to him, and then risk talking to his parents instead. Shiver.

While I reminisced about the “good ole days”  as I stayed at my parents’ this weekend, I also started to think about the concerns and issues I have now. I’m sure they will start to seem ridiculous and almost cute in five years. As 25-year-olds, we all worry about careers and relationships and where to live. But when everything has panned out, these issues will seem so unimportant. We’ll probably feel affection and sympathy for our 25-year-old selves, just like I do now for my senior year self. With this in mind, it makes it easier to put things into perspective and enjoy the moment instead of freaking out and trying to overplan everything.

If you could do high school all over again, what would you do differently?


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