It's Time to Start Thinking Outside the (Fashion) Box

This weekend I tagged along with my mom as she went to JCPenney so she could get some new bath towels. As we were walking through the store, I was really surprised to see that they had a huge selection of cute clothes. I had assumed that the store was a “mom” type of place, not somewhere that I would find things I liked. As it turns out, I ended up spending a few hours browsing the store and finding a bunch of really cute things for a good price. That will teach me to be close-minded about fashion choices.

If you haven’t been in the store in awhile, I’d definitely suggest checking it out. They have so many adorable pieces for summer. I got a few striped shirts (I live in stripes) a pair of cute, bright patterned shorts, and a fun floral print tank top.


Everything was between 15 and 30 dollars, making it easy to pick up a bunch of new clothes without breaking the bank. Which is good, because I don’t have much bank to break these days.

Apparently the store has gotten a major facelift, making it much more on-trend and young than it was before. I’m definitely going to add Penney’s back into my shopping rotation.

They also have a great home department, so if you’re looking for new stuff for your apartment, this is the place to go. I was hoping to get a new shower curtain to liven up our small bathroom a little bit. I love this one I found:

I got a cute little orange toothbrush holder to match, so it definitely makes the bathroom look more cheerful. Which is hard to do, considering the space has no windows.

Sidenote: If you’re in the market for some good deals, the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale is going on, and I do believe that Aerie is offering some good deals on swimwear too. Also, The Loft is having a major sale too. So basically, get your debit card out and enjoy.

Do you have any new fashion finds that I should know about? This Penney’s discovery was a great one for me!

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